The Digital Marketing Gameplan

How it Works …

Step 1:

First things first, we want to take the time to learn about your business & understand your digital marketing goals. We also use this time to help you understand what we do and the different digital marketing channels that we cover. By the end of this step, our goal is for both parties to have a solid grasp of each others businesses and goals.

Step 2:
Deep Dive

We will deep dive into your business’ current online presence and research the competitive landscape that you are operating in. Using different digital marketing tools Conversion InSites will dig into the nitty gritty to evaluate viability of your digital marketing goals, determine what we see as the best digital channels to accomplish those goals, and estimate the needed time and activity investments to accomplish them!

Step 3:
Decision Time

Following our team’s deep dive, we will present to you two deliverables:

  1. A layout of our Digital Marketing Gameplan, which is the path to success that we see for your business’ digital marketing goals.
  2. A proposal of what we believe creates a win-win scenario for our Conversion InSites team to execute upon that Gameplan on your behalf (or in conjunction with your team).

After this meeting, you are able to evaluate our proposal and either choose to take the gameplan and use it yourself, or hire us to do it for you (or with you)! Either way, our desire is for you to WIN in the world of digital marketing!

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